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Carnival Games

Games may be rented for corporate, school and church events with the rental of our inflatables. Games will not be rented out separately. The rental fee on each game is $30.00 with the exception of the Duck Pond which is a $50.00 rental fee. Games will be delivered with the bounce houses 1 to 2 hours prior to your event.

Cardinal Toss

Description:  Player tosses bean bags to score as many bases as they can.

Crazy Hat Toss

Description:  Player tosses balls into top of hat to score. 

Duck Pond

Description: Player picks a duck and wins the prize that matches the number on the bottom of the duck.

Frog Hop

Description: Player places frog on launch pad. Player launches frog using a mallet. Player wins if the frog lands on the lilypad.

Hole in One

Description: Player gets two chances to score a hole in one to win.

Match The Color

Description: Player drops pucks onto board trying to land on the same color.

Monkey Madness

Description: Player shoots balls and scores by landing on points.

Rainbow Roll

Description: Player scores by rolling balls into board, trying to match one color. 

Skee Roll

Description: Player scores by rolling balls into holes with point values.

Slap Shot

Description: Player slides puck down the lane to score by going past the goalie through the opening. 

Tin Pan Alley

Description: Player rolls balls onto board trying to land on the red or gold color to win.


Description:  Player tosses bean bags to knock down as many trolls as they can.


Description: Players place token on any number. Player rolls the dice. Player wins by matching the number on the dice.


Description: Player tosses onto board trying to match a color to win.

Color Wheel

Description: Players place token on a color. Player spins the wheel. Player wins if token matches color on the wheel. 

Quack Attack

Description: Player tosses bean bags knocking over as many ducks as they can to win.

Potty Toss

Description: Player tosses balls in the hole to win.

Wreck'N Ball

Description: Player swings wrecking ball once to try and knock down all the dice to win.

Tic Tac Toe

Description: Player tosses balls onto board trying to score a tic tac toe to win.


Description: Player tries to navigate wand to the bottom of rod to score without getting zapped.

Ring Toss

Description: Player tosses rings onto board. Player wins if they land on any colored post.

Spin Art

Description: Create your own art by squeezing paint onto card while it's spinning. May also choose option of adding a frame for the art.


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